Natural Menopause Treatments

Natural menopause treatments so you can go through menopause with ease!

There are products that provide natural hormone replacement NHR. These natural menopause treatments have been available for more than a decade, but most doctors have never heard of them.

And you might ask yourself, "If natural hormone replacement is good and available, why haven't I heard about it before?"

Good question!

It is possible to find a physician who will work with you and support you in going through menopause naturally, but you have to do your research too. It is possible to bring your hormone levels back to normal.

Does that mean that night sweats and hot flashes are completely gone?

No, but with natural menopause treatments they will be far and few between and probably more subtle.

So it is possible to have an overall sense of balance and well being and not be swept off your feet with mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats and the feeling of losing your mind... and to achieve this all naturally... I know, because I have done it.

The primary problem for women in menopause is not actually a lack of estrogen, but rather estrogen dominance and insufficient progesterone to balance this.

Health problems can stem from having too much estrogen without the opposing progesterone. For example, studies have shown that estrogen with progesterone in proper levels won't cause breast cancer, but estrogen unopposed will cause breast cancer.

Estrogen tells cells to "multiply" where as progesterone tells the cells to "stop and get on with their appointed job." Without progesterone, estrogen will have free reign and begin to tell the cells to continue to multiply, and they won't stop until they are told.

Synthetic hormone replacement therapy won't help this situation because the body only recognizes bodily identical hormones in order for them to be of use.

Anything else will be stored in the fat cells, indefinitely. The medical solution for taking care of the unopposed estrogen is to take out a woman's ovaries.

But if the ovaries are removed you take out the main source of progesterone, so a woman will have low to no progesterone to stop the natural function of estrogen. So estrogen happily tells the cells to continue to multiply.

However, the medical solution is to prescribe synthetic estrogen and progestin (which is not the same as progesterone), and this will only cause more problems: more estrogen and synthetics will now be stored in the fat cells.

What To Do To Treat Menopause Naturally

The first step if you want to use natural menopause treatments is to make the decision not to go on medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy, or if you are already on medical HRT, then you can make the decision to get off it.

One thing you need to know is that taking synthetic estrogen destroys your adrenal glands' ability to produce natural estrogen for you.

Our bodies are amazing and they think of everything, so when the ovaries no longer produce enough estrogen then the production of sufficient estrogen is usually taken over by the adrenal glands and the fat in our system.

"Natural Menopause Treatments"

Natural menopause treatments are available by doing your own research of the many, many products available and by consulting a doctor who has done research on natural menopause treatments or a naturopathic physician.

Natural hormone replacement employs versions of the three human estrogens: estriol, estradiol and estrone plus progesterone, and these are identical to the hormones the human body naturally produces.

The benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy are:

  • Natural menopause treatments are completely safe with no serious, unwanted side effects.
  • Natural menopause treatments are just as effective - probably even more effective - as conventional HRT at reducing menopause symptoms and minimizing post menopausal risks.
  • Natural menopause treatments can restore your hormone levels to those that occurred naturally during the youthful prime of your life.
  • Natural menopause treatments not only eliminates menopause symptoms, but it also makes you look and feel younger... enhances your interest in sex... and may even help you live a longer and more youthful life.

So combine natural menopause treatments with a good diet, regular exercise and a good herbal and vitamin supplement program and you have the formula for a healthy menopause.

Read on for more information on natural menopause treatments and much more!

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